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Musings and more from Toff as he explores the world of pottery.


Mary Berry's Hot Plum Torte - Recipe

Toff's beautiful ceramics make for the perfect preparation and presentation of delicious recipes. In this months recipe we are making Mary Berry's delicious hot plum torte, with plums picked from the Conderton Pottery garden, baked and served in one of our slat glazed pie dishes. You can find ceramics like this one in the pottery studio.

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Sarah Raven's Saganaki - Recipe

This month we have cooked up a traditional Cretan Shepherd's dish of baked feta with tomatoes, and yes, it's as good as it looks. Simple and delicious, it's salty flavour is offset by sweet bursts of tomato.

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The Firing Process

Toff talks through the process of firing his pots in a short video